Who Is The Real Malti?

Are Laxmi and Alok still together?

Laxmi Agarwal Alok Dixit SPLIT | Laxmi Agarwal Alok Dixit Love Story Ends | Boldsky.

Do you know that Alok Dixit, who gave heart to Lakshmi Aggarwal, is not with her today.

The relationship between the two is over.

Alok Dixit and Lakshmi Agarwal also have a daughter Pihu..

Is Chapak hit or flop?

The movie’s budget is around Rs 35 crore and the movie has managed to collect Rs 23.62 crores in five days of its release. So the movie has already recovered around 55% of the amount the filmmakers invested in the making of the movie. So, it’s neither a hit nor a flop as it’s doing average business at the box office.

Is Chhapaak a flop?

Deepika Padukone’s Chhapaak not a flop, trade says ‘it found its target audience’ – bollywood – Hindustan Times.

Who is real Chhapaak?

Laxmi AgarwalChhapaak is based on the true story of Laxmi Agarwal, who was 15 when she was attacked by Naeem Khan, a 32-year-old family friend, in 2005. Agarwal had spurned Khan’s advances, which angered him enough to plan the attack with two friends.

Why did Alok Dixit leave Laxmi?

Laxmi was just 15, when she was attacked with acid by a man whose advances she had spurned. … But differences between Laxmi and Alok led to their separation, during which Laxmi got the child’s custody. Laxmi says Alok had helped her a lot, while adding that not every couple can be a perfect match.

Who threw acid on Lakshmi Agarwal?

Nadeem Khan’Chhapaak’ is the autobiography of Laxmi Agarwal, who hails from New Delhi. Acid was thrown at Laxmi, when she was just 15, by 32 year-old-Nadeem Khan and three others near Khan Market in 2005.