Quick Answer: Which Has The Largest Paramagnetic Moment?

Which one of the following is paramagnetic in nature?

A paramagnetic electron is an unpaired electron.

NO has one unpaired electron.

Hence, it is paramagnetic in nature..

How many unpaired electrons are there in a strong field Iron II octahedral complex?

18(Crystal Field Theory) How many unpaired electrons are there in a strong field iron(II) octahedral complex? 18.

Is o2 2 paramagnetic or diamagnetic?

O2,O2− are paramagnetic while O3,O22− are diamagnetic.

Is f2 diamagnetic or paramagnetic?

C2, N2, and F2 are diamagnetic because they have paired electrons. O2 and B2 are paramagnetic because they have unpaired electrons.

Which of the following is with highest paramagnetic moment?

So as explained above the highest number of unpaired electron is (n=4) for Fe[(H2O)6+2], hence it shows highest paramagnetism.

Which complex has maximum paramagnetic moment value?

The no. of unpaired electrons in [Zn(H₂O)₆]²⁺ = 0. So, the magnetic moment = 0. Therefore, the highest magnetic moment is present for the ion [Fe(H₂O)₆]²⁺.

Which is more paramagnetic fe2+ or fe3+?

In Fe3+ all the electrons re unpaired while in Fe2+ 4 electrons are unpaired. A paramagnetic behaviour is arise from the number of unpaired electrons. So, Fe3+ is more paramagnetic than Fe. Fe 3+ is more paramagnetic because it has 5 unpaired electrons.

What is paramagnetism give example?

Examples of paramagnets include the coordination complex myoglobin, transition metal complexes, iron oxide (FeO), and oxygen (O2). Titanium and aluminum are metallic elements that are paramagnetic.

What is the most paramagnetic?

Iron oxide, FeO, has a very high value of 720. Other materials considered strongly paramagnetic include iron ammonium alum (66), uranium (40), platinum (26), tungsten (6.8), cesium (5.1), aluminum (2.2), lithium (1.4) and magnesium (1.2), sodium (0.72) and oxygen gas (0.19).

Which of the following is a paramagnetic?

Solution : Paramagnetic species contains unpaired electrons in their molecular orbital electronic configuration. Thus, among the given species only O-2 is paramagnetic.

Which ion has highest paramagnetism?

Thus highest paramagnetism is exhibited by [Fe(H2O)6]2+.

Is V paramagnetic or diamagnetic?

Magnetic Type of the elementsHydrogenDiamagneticParamagneticTitaniumParamagneticParamagneticVanadiumParamagneticParamagneticChromiumAntiferromagneticFerromagneticManganeseParamagneticParamagnetic35 more rows

Which divalent metal ion among 3d series has maximum paramagnetic?

The divalent metal ion which has maximum paramagnetic charcter among the first transition metal is Manganese. It has 5 electrons unpaired, after losing 2 of its electrons. Mn2+ shows maximum paramagnetic character because it has maximum number of unpaired electrons.

Is b2 paramagnetic or diamagnetic?

B2 has two unpaired electron so it is paramagnetic whereas C2 has only paired electrons so it is diamagnetic.